Project Description

Wet and Loud

2019 Polaris RZR 1000

When designing an audio system for an off road vehicle it is imperative that you prepare for water, massive jolts, minimal power, and a whole host of other issues.

At Twisted Interiors we welcome challenges and face them head on.

For this already impressive Polaris RZR 1000 we decided to construct all of the enclosures and panels using expanded PVC. This material is waterproof and durable, but for added strength and protection, we had the professionals at Line-X Houston apply an extra thick coating to every door panel along with the subwoofer enclosure. Speaking of subwoofer, in order to handle the massive pressure levels of the Wet Sounds XXX 12″ sub, we reinforced the inside of the subwoofer box with chop strand fiberglass. This technique adds amazing strength and improves sound wave cancellation.

Smart and Tough

Keeping in mind that we needed tough marine quality product, we chose to go with Wet Sounds tower speakers, door speakers, amplifiers and Bluetooth adapter. This allows all of the equipment ratings and power ranges to seamlessly work together, providing an optimally balanced listening experience for the owner.

Imagine. Plan. Execute.

Last but not least, we added some flair with waterproof RGB LEDs and a wireless controller. Accent lighting was placed in the doors and headliner, thus bringing together the entire system with the tower speakers which were equipped with RGB LED rings.