Masters of Craft

John Burgess

Fabrication Kingpin

Kelly Burgess

The Enforcer

Will Crow

Smooth Operator

Jared Parshley

Shop Monkey

Taylor Burgess

The Transporter

Montanna Burgess



Why We’re The Best

Twisted Interiors has built a reputation as a leader within the custom upholstery industry. We understand the importance of professional and customer-friendly service and pride ourselves on consistently exceeding our client’s expectations. We are dedicated to helping clients plan their dream interior with the best possible service and courteous, knowledgeable design inspiration. Our use of modern technologies and luxury materials provide comfortable, elegant surroundings. And of course, our clients’ safety and privacy are always our top priority.

At Twisted Interiors, our custom fabrication facility is outfitted to take a proactive approach to our clients’ audio and upholstery needs. Utilizing the top tools and technologies, we are always prepared to meet our clients’ changing business needs whenever they arise. Whatever their need or purpose, we strive to meet and exceed all of our clients’ expectations in every project.


Texas Metal

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Metal miracles is the name of the game for the team at Ekstensive Metal Works who create some of the biggest, flashiest, most creative builds anywhere.

Founded by Bill Carlton in 1994, Ekstensive metal works is one of the most respected custom automotive design and fabrication shops in the industry.